NEW RTD 38.600 N & RTD 30.600 N

March 4, 2024

A "New" Generation of high-performance Triplex pumps.

Introducing the RTD 38.600 N and the RTD 30.600 N Series 418 pumps, built rugged and designed for challenging solutions such a large structure and Bridge Structural Cleaning. These pumps boast an impressive 8700 PSI (600bar) of pressure at 1000 RPM. Offered at two volumes of output, GPM (gallons per minute) ranges. The RTD 38.600 N with 10 gpm, and the RTD 30.600 N with 8 gpm.

These pumps feature, nickel plated brass heads, oversized frictions bearings, double gasket seals, One-piece ceramic pistons, and intake / delivery valves have plugs for improved maintenance.

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