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May 8, 2024

Streamline Your Gearbox Maintenance with the AR1666 and AR33261 Models

Introducing the latest innovations in the AR Gearbox series—the AR1666 and AR33261 models. These gearboxes are engineered to revolutionize maintenance procedures and enhance durability.

Enhanced Features for Optimal Performance

The AR1666 and AR33261 gearboxes have been meticulously designed to tackle the most persistent challenges in gearbox maintenance. With an emphasis on ease of service, these models feature:

  • Improved Pinion Alignment: Ensures a snug fit, significantly reducing vibration and minimizing key wear.
  • Simplified Disassembly Process: Facilitates quicker and more efficient maintenance operations, addressing the common issues caused by engine movement that can lead to premature wear of keys and shafts.

These advancements not only facilitate a smoother maintenance experience but also contribute to superior heat dissipation, extending the operational lifespan of the gearboxes.

Discover the AR Difference

Reach out to your Sales Representative, Contact us now to learn more about how the AR1666 and AR33261 can benefit your machinery and maintenance routine.

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