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MLETC Stainless Steel Engine Throttle Controller

November 7, 2016
mletc stainless steel engine throttle controller

MLETC Stainless Steel Engine Throttle Controller

We are excited to share we now stock the MLETC Stainless Steel Engine Throttle Controller in inventory. This engine throttle controller is designed to control the speed of an engine or the flow of fuel in an engine, or to hold down or choke. The throttle is for a device to control how fuel moves through an engine. This throttle is Stainless Steel 40” Cable with 3/8” fitting size – 0.28” – 0.55” Adjustable Stoke, and rated at 7,250 PSI and 320° F.

See the brass and stainless steel MLETC engine throttle controller.More information or add it to your quote.

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