AR XWP60.13N

Annovi Reverberi AR XWP60.13N horizontal gas engine triplex plunger pump is rated up to 15.9 GPM at max 1900 PSI spins a 24mm solid shaft at 1450 RPM using a 1” inlet and 1/2" discharge thread. N version with a gas engine flange.

 Annovi Reverberi XWP60.13N triplex plunger pump spins at 1,450 RPM at 15.9 GPM max, 24MM solid shaft and 1" inlet thread was developed with improvements to the wet end while maintaining the drive of the XW, and upgrading flow rate performance. The larger-size pistons are now ceramic, while the new water seals and valves enable this compact pump to achieve higher flow rates with virtually the same external dimensions.


Max GPM 15.9
Max L/Min 60
Max PSI 1900
MaxBar 130
Power EBHP 20.7
Bore Dia mm 30
Stroke mm 19.8
Crankshaft ID Stamp 1
Inlet 1"
Outlet 1/2"
Max Temp 140° F
Oil Capacity (oz) 31.8
Weight 39
RPM 1450
Shaft Size 24MM
Shaft Version N Version
Shaft Type Solid

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